Empowering you and your money

Revo Fintec is a company that truly understands Fintech and how it will change the way we lead our lives.

Our Strategic Pillars

eWallet Solution

A comprehensive eco-system for P2P/B2B/B2C transactions

Big Wallet Switch

A “Global Wallet” gateway that breaks down geographical barriers so you send to anyone, anywhere with any E-Wallet

Remittance (P2P)

A cost saving solution that lets you send money to your family faster for less


Solutions for businesses to improve security for their mobile platforms


Why Blockchain?

It’s a platform for truth and it’s a platform for trust.
Together, we hope to establish an immutable and unhackable distributed database for your digital assets.
We remove unnecessary intermediaries, ensuring privacy and security while keeping costs low.

Our Products

Stored Value and Gift Card Program

Add value to your stores and provide a better shopping, dining or entertainment experience for your customers. Our program is fast and easy to set up, secure and increases your operational efficiency!
With this exciting program, you can look forward to:
  • Increase and retain customers
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Reach out to both locals and tourists with our cross border processing
  • Learn more about your customers and other demographics
  • Increase revenue!
Available in physical and virtual form with the following features:
  • Merchant Administration System
  • CRM, Analytics, Push Notifications, GPS Detection, Marketing and many other tools
  • Website and Mobile App for card members to perform top-up, save credit card details, check balance, etc
  • Learn more about your customers and other demographics
  • Optional modules such as Ecommerce, O2O and more

Digital Wallet with P2P Transfer and Remittance

Simple and secure, our eWallet allows you to go cashless so you don’t have to worry about a thing!
With our solution you can now:
  • Make payments at any Point of Acceptance (Retailers, Self-Checkout Kioks, etc)
  • Send money in any currency to anyone in the world
  • Manage your bills, purchases, etc

A Digital Revolution

The convergence of mobile money and digital finance has benefitted more than 400 million different people by changing the way they conduct transactions, despite still living in cash-based eco-systems.
Regardless if you’re a business owner or someone just trying to send money back home, we hope that our solutions will empower you to make smarter decisions about your money and reach out to more people globally.