About Us

Creating next generation products & solutions that will change lives


Revo Fintec is a company that truly understands Fintech and how it will change the way we lead our lives.

The company was founded based on the idea that value could be created from revolutionising the current payment ecosystems we see today. Successful models such as AliPay and PayTM inspired us to take the bold step of entering the competitive payment landscape.

What sets us apart, however, is our belief that this value should be shared with all of our stakeholders – including you.

Which is why we hope to create solutions that

Empowers you to make smarter choices with your money

Enables you to do business anywhere

We Deliver Results

Here at RevoFintec, we believe in consistent results that reflect our commitment to perfection. Successes and failures are both equally celebrated as this company embraces organisational learning.

Speed + Scalability = Success

When coming out with new ideas in a competitive landscape, it is important for us to remain fast and yet scalable. Which is why we implement agile processes which perfectly complement the start-up nature of this company, using it to our best advantages.

Incubating Ideas in Our Labs

Good ideas do not become great ideas overnight. They require attention and nurturing for them to be built based on the best practices and most creative approaches. Here at RevoFintec, ideas are expressed and exchanged freely to ensure that our innovation pipeline never runs dry.

Changing People’s Lives

Ultimately, we are a company that seeks to change people’s lives. Although not directly, we hope to improve the lives of the communities in which we work in. One example would be to reduce exorbitant remittance costs borne by low-wage foreign workers in Singapore.

Our Team’s Expertise

With a combination of expertise in banking, finance and technology, our team was formed to improve lives through Fintech & Blockchain Technology.

Banking & Finance
Marketing / Business Development

Changing the Way You Pay and Get Paid

For Consumers

Make Payments

Easily pay from your mobile device for your purchases, dining, entertainment and more at retailers, restaurants, cafes, almost everywhere! No need to worry if you forget to bring out your credit cards or bank ATM card.

Send/Receive Money

Remit or receive money instantly to/from your family and friends around the world via mobile phone numbers, or transfer funds to registered RevoWallet accounts.

For Businesses

Accept Payments

Add value to your customers by accepting payments via RevoWallet. Our Real Time In-store Payment Platform is a Global Solution for both local and foreign RevoWallet Accounts.

Increase Revenue

Reach out to more customers and increase your revenue with RevoWallet. We also help you reduce costs by allowing you to make a P2P transfer or payment to your overseas suppliers and more.